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Notes on my work:

  • I look at each jewelry blank or empty frame as a blank 'canvas', and on that 'canvas' I create my visions. Think of them as miniature artworks.

  • There are many influences from my life, education and career, too numerous to list, that affect the creation of my pieces. 

  • I have a palette of materials, dominated by Murano Millefiori, Moroccan nano tiles and various paints. As you look at my works you will see other materials as well.

  • I paint a thin coat of ICE RESIN on my pieces as the last step in their creation. Ice Resin is a jewelers grade resin that is: Non-yellowing; crystal clear; waterproof, heat proof and adds durability and resilience to each piece.

  •  Color is a major element in my pieces. I studied color in detail as part of my graduate work, and taught many aspects of it. I frequently use triadic and quad color grouping, playing neutral tones within the harmonies. 

  • I have always been fascinated by the idea of depicting what is happening outside the picture frame format. Hence, many of my pieces have objects extruding from the picture, which adds to the 3-dimensional effects that I work at achieving.   

  • I create my own worlds in the pieces. Humor and happiness is a big part of them. Having a working knowledge of the Elements and Principles of Design is very integral to me as an artist. I can express my ideas and feelings on topics. Some pieces are very complex, other simple. Even pieces such as the elongated hearts have rhythms, size relationships &  patterns in them created by deliberate placing of the millefiori.  Enjoy!